The Relations Between Pets and Mental Health of the Owner

pets and mental health

Certain animals, especially dogs, have long been used as animal services to help people with physical disabilities and are specially trained to offer emergency assistance. Currently, the ability of certain animals is used to help people who suffer from certain mental states, so it gets solid support. So there are some relevance between pets and mental health. There is increasing evidence that pets can improve mental health, and not only provide assistance to people with physical disabilities. Hospitals around the world are turning to an improved animal therapy program to help patients cope with various psychological problems including depression, anxiety and more.

First pets and mental health is dog. Some smaller breeds, such as Scottish Terrier and Maltese Dogs, are often used in hospitals to entertain patients undergoing challenging treatment regimens, such as children with cancer. Dogs are also sent as an animal therapy for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and are often seen walking with a human partner.Ideal dogs are used to appease depressed people and they are naturally accepting and very loyal. They have a special ability to make you feel special and great in improving your self-esteem.

Cats are great for people and related between pets and mental health. This may include religious or allergic requirements for dogs. Cats are a bit more aloof than dogs but they are a bit easier to treat because they do not need to be taken on long journeys. Cats are ideal pets for parents because they tend to be more than dogs. Another animal which is good for human mental health is bunny. A study in 2010 found that subjects who were given rabbits to hold them less anxious than subjects who were given toys or turtles. These people are exposed to stressful situations with the tarantula spider, and the rabbit parent group is the best in keeping their cool.

Do the Steps of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

prevention of cruelty to animals

Cruelty towards animals still existed everywhere. There are many examples, like leaving the dog home while the owner enjoy holiday, without providing it sufficient meals. Sometimes the animals training in the circus also often forced the animals to behave well, and if they couldn’t do it, the trainer would punish them with hit. It shouldn’t be done, since animal also have their right to live in free. People who have pets should have provided the adequate food to them. Each human also have the responsibility to keep the rights of the animal and do the prevention of cruelty to animals.

In order to constitute the prevention of cruelty to animals, there are some thing you should have known. There are some animal shelter which provided the home for animals, as well as protecting their rights. Then, in case you saw your neighbor or people who treated their pet or animals badly, then report it quickly to the animal shelter. Make sure you bring the evidence, which can be like picture. Then, the animal shelter will proceed and contact the concerned and remind them. In case the concerned doesn’t agree with the warning, animal shelter will report the case to the police and proceed to the law. In addition to animal shelter, there are also many animal lovers community who would like to protect the rights of the animals too.

In case you know the person who treated their animal badly, the first prevention of cruelty to animals to do is remind them. Talk to them lightly and ask them why they did the certain way (like hitting their dog, for example). Give them the education that animal should be left in free and don’t be bothered. Let them know how if he as a human is treated badly by other people, of course he wouldn’t like it to happen. Therefore, as the pet owner, we can have the animal we wanted, but should also let them free in their rights.

How To Know If Your Allergic to Dogs Fur

how to know if your allergic to dogs

Many people say if he is allergic to dog hair so can’t keep a dog at home when the desire to keep the dog is very large. Allergies to dog hair can cause itching of the skin, shortness of breath, coughing or sneezing.Actually, the dog’s fur does not cause allergies in humans but according to research, allergies are caused by protein substances that stick to dog hair. The protein substance comes from the oil produced by dog ​​skin or dog saliva. Dog saliva attaches to the hair because the dog licks their body to clean. Then, how to know if your allergic to dogs?

Perhaps the doctors concluded that dogs are the cause of allergies in humans so that humans who suffer from allergies on dog hair are convicted not to keep dogs. Logic alone, if true dog hair causes allergies then people who suffer from allergic on dog hair will be very miserable because many people around who keep dogs.Determining whether you suffer from allergies can’t use estimates using mere eyes or feelings but should be clinically tested to prove the cause of allergies. You can perform allergy tests in hospitals that have allergy testing facilities. That’s how to know if your allergic to dogs.

In addition to know how to know if your allergic to dogs, there are things you should do. Set a dog-free area of your home. The area is an area where you can be in the long term like a bedroom or family room. Areas such as bedrooms or sofas that are usually made of fabric where dog hairs can be attached easily.Clean your house using a vacuum cleaner so that the dog’s sticky hairs can be inhaled and assembled in one place. Do not pat your pillow or sofa because the dog’s feathers will fly and move elsewhere. Do not use a broom to sweep the floor because the feathers on the floor will also be easy to fly.

How To Keep Your Puppy From Biting People

how to keep your puppy from biting

Puppies, those who come to this world must be curious how everything on earth works, let alone around it. They learn to recognize objects around them by inserting objects into their mouths, including human legs and hands. For that we need to teach him that human skin is so sensitive that they will be very soft with our skin. Then, how to keep your puppy from biting?

Bite inhibition leads to the ability of the dog to gain control of the power of his mouth. Puppies or adult dogs that have not recognized the sensitivity of human skin will bite the human skin too hard, even while playing. Then, how to keep your puppy from biting? Puppies usually learn bite inhibition while playing with other puppies. If you see dogs, you will see many activities such as chase, pounce, and even wrestle. Puppies usually also bite each other. Sooner or later these puppies will bite his playmates too hard. If puppies can learn to control the power of their mouths from other dogs, they can also learn from humans as well.

How to keep your puppy from biting?When you play with your puppy, let him put your hand in his mouth. Continue the game until he bites very hard, when he does it, give a high pitched moan like very pain and pull your hand. This will surprise your pup and stop biting you, at least for a while. Give your pup a compliment when he stops or licks you. Continue your activities before, when she bit hard again, yell again. Repeat this activity no more than three times in fifteen minutes. If yelling does not seem to work, try the other way to ask for a break like a basketball referee, Time-Out. When your pup is biting you hard, yell, pull your hand and leave it for 10 to 20 seconds. But if he still invites you to play in that time bracket you can stand and stay indifferent for 10 to 20 seconds. After that you can go back to your pup and invite him to play again. It’s important to teach that the soft game will continue, but the rough game will stop.

How Do You Treat Diarrhea in Dogs with First Aid

how do you treat diarrhea in dogs

Diarrhea in Dogs is a health problem that often affects your pet dog. Some cases of diarrhea in dogs are not a serious problem, because they can heal with proper care at home. By taking the right action, your own at home can cope with diarrhea attacks with diarrhea not so severe not accompanied by complications of other diseases then you can handle it yourself without requiring help from a veterinarian. It’s just that, sometimes the diarrhea experienced by your dog is quite serious, requiring treatment from a veterinarian. Then, how do you treat diarrhea in dogs?

Many causes of diarrhea dogs include viral infections such as Parvovirus and food effects. But the most common cause is the effect of food. Dogs who like to bite, often make it bite any object nearby including dirty objects that cause indigestion. In addition there are customs of some types of dogs that find food from the outside or from the trash. Then, how do you treat diarrhea in dogs?

In order to answer how do you treat diarrhea in dogs, there are first aids you can do. Firstly, give coconut water to clean the bowels. A few minutes after drinking coconut water, the dog will vomit and some toxins in his body will come out.When diarrhea many liquids are wasted. Return the liquid back into the dog by giving the oralitic fluid, do it bit by bit but often. Or mix a spoonful of sugar with a little salt in a glass of warm water. Blend with a spoon.Do not feed or fast for 24 hours if the animal is mature. However, if still a fasting pantry is 12 hours.Give neutral food and do not irritate digestion, such as boiled chicken or tuna stew that is blended. Can also be given boiled chicken egg yolk. There are also special foods for diarrhea dogs sold in pet shops. Then, place the animals in separate places with clean, dry and warm conditions.

The Benefit of Adopting Pet from Cat Animal Shelter

cat animal shelter

Adopting one cat from cat animal shelter equals saving one life. There are at least some advantages that cat lovers can get if adopting a cat from a shelter or a cat shelter. First is saving sterile and vaccine costs.Almost all cats from shelters have been vaccinated and sterile when offered for adoption. You do not have to spend much on these two important health measures. If there is a cost reimbursement requirement, it is voluntary and is used for the benefit of shelter management. The next benefit is that the cats in the shelter are always monitored for their health.The cats in the shelter are usually treated by a dedicated cat lover. From the beginning they are used to treating cat sick and critical. You can ask about the history of illness and health care that has been done on the cat that you want to adopt. Medical footprints will be useful in later life if the cat is sick.

The next benefit is knowing the personality of each cat. The officers of cat animal shelter will be happy to explain the character of each cat he takes care of. Adjust your personality, in example you want to be with an active or quiet cat, who is spoiled or self-sufficient. Then, it is free to choose cat type.Yes, in shelter ‘available’ almost all types of cats. There are cats in various colors, black, white, yellow, calico, and others. Want a short or long haired cat, domestic cat or a race cat.

The next benefit is that you can get a free consultation and lifelong cat care guide from the cat animal shelter. The owner of a shelter or rescue group usually consists of a group of cat people or community lovers. They are highly committed and have experienced cat care. You can ask and discuss with them any time around the care of the cat that you adopt, of course free of charge.

Adopting Pet From Cat and Dog Shelter

cat and dog shelter

If you want to adopt some pet, you can find the right dog and cat in the cat and dog shelter. There are also people who think that he will not be able to find the right dog if looking for it in a shelter.This assumption arises usually because they want dogs and cats of a certain kind, certain age, certain gender, certain colors, and various other characteristics. And they assume that shelter can’t provide dogs and cats that fulfill their wishes.Yet in reality this is not entirely true.

Now, start many dogs and cats from different races that enter cat and dog shelter  for various reasons, even now it is no longer uncommon to find a dog or a race cat, in the shelters around you.If unsure, you can visit the website of the shelter to find out if they have dogs and cats that fit your criteria, which are ready for adoption.However, it will be more exciting if you go directly to the shelter, because then you can interact directly with the dogs and cats that are there, and find where the most suit to you.In fact, it could be that you “fall in love at first sight” in dogs and cats that are completely different from yours, because of your direct interaction with him. Or in other words, you find a dog or cat that is really right for you.

Some of the cat and dog shelter have veterinarian which obliged to check the condition of the cats and dogs before being adopted. Since some of the shelter doesn’t provide the veterinarian, then it is important for the adopter to check the health condition of the adopted pets to the veterinarian. Make sure that your dog and cat are in their best condition, but if they had some diseases or symptoms like having lice or mildew, then treat them as soon as possible, before the symptoms worse.

Cat Care Tips Each Cat Owner Should Have Known

cat care tips

Like dog, cats are the most favored pets by humans, since it is very funny, adorable, and well behaved. In caring the cat, there are some cat care tips you should have known. Firstly, kittens need twice as many nutrients as adults. Although he needs more nutrition, that does not mean you have to overeat him. After 5-6 weeks, give food regularly 4 times every day.Do not give dog food for cats! Dog food does not contain taurine, the nutrients the cat needs to prevent heart disease and blurred vision.After 8-10 months, you can get used to eating home foods such as rice and milk. This habit should you do early on.

The next cat care tips is no need to bathe the cat regularly. When cat hair starts to smell, you can bathe it with cold water. Hot water can damage the hair and cause skin irritation in cats.Brush the cat’s fur on a regular basis. It can remove dead hairs, germs and bacteria in the fur. Try to go out and play with him. Physical activity helps the growth and development of kittens well. Your pet will grow healthy and agile.Then, as the owner, you should also teach the habits of everyday life. You can start teaching some good habits in cats like going to the toilet, eating, and bed.

The next cat care tips is be firm about bad behavior. You have to be firm on the bad behavior he shows. That way, he will understand what is good and bad. The main thing you should have done for your cat is vaccinations. Vaccination must be done regularly to avoid viruses and diseases. For that, immediately consult a veterinarian.Take care of the cleanliness of his body. You must be diligent to wash your teeth, ears, and cat nails. These spots are very susceptible to germs and bacteria you know. If left unclean, this can cause infections and diseases in cats.Not just humans who need special care. Pets also need the same thing. So, keep your cat clean regularly.

Keeping The Dog Health Tips You Should Know

dog health tips

Healthy dog is the thing wanted for all the dog owner. In order to achieve this dream, you should know the best way to treat your pet well, and know the dog health tips. Just like humans, pets should also be equipped with adequate nutritional intake. Nutrition is referred to here such as minerals, iron, carbo, fat and protein. Although dogs including carnivorous animals, but it would be nice if occasionally these mammals are given nutrients from vegetables or fruits that mixed into the food to simply meet the nutritional needs of the dog. Sufficient nutritional fulfillment will also strengthen the immune body of the dog which will eventually make the dog avoid infectious diseases.

In addition to the fulfillment of nutritional aspects of food, external factors for dog health tips such as environment and habitat also need your attention. Often dirty kennels can trigger the occurrence of diseases caused by bacteria or viruses that arise from the feces of animals that have not been cleaned for a long time. In addition to taking care of your dog’s health, you also need to take care of the cage as well. Clean the cage at least once a week. But if your dog sleeps in the house, as much as possible teach your dog to keep clean, show how to urinate, large water and so forth. If you are patient teach it, it is not impossible if the nature of your dog will be as smart as human beings.

In addition to tips on caring for dog health tips above, it is very important for you to pay attention to cleanliness and health of the fur. As we know that dog breeds are very diverse, especially for dogs with thick and long fur, you can take your dog to a dog salon once a month to treat, organize and maintain the health of her hair. But if the dog species you have is only thick but short or even hairy thin and short, it would be better if the hair care done by the owner at home

Consider It BeforeLeaving Dog Holiday Care

dog holiday care

The dog holiday care is the pet care specialized for dog, which available for dog owner to leave the dog to there. So if you have a dog and want to have enjoy your holiday by traveling somewhere and couldn’t bring your dog, it is better to leave it in the dog care, rather than leave it in the home, alone and starving. The dog care will take care all the needs of your dog, from preparing the meal and keeping the cleanliness of your dog. As the owner, you can order to give the dog meal twice or thrice a day. You can also request the dog care to bath your dog once a week, if you leave quite long time. However, know that there are some aspects you need to know before leaving your dog in the dog care.


First is since the dog holiday care accepting the dog during holiday, there might be many dog owner who left and entrusted their pet in the dog care. Therefore, it is better to book the space or your dog, even before a month before your holiday coming. You can contact them by phone and pay for the down payment, so that the dog care and leave a space for you dog. If you just contact them one day before your holiday, most of dog care might likely full, because there are also many people who want to use the service. Then, you should also notice the cost during holiday, because some of dog care charged more during the holiday season.

Next tips, as the dog holiday care to bath your dog in the day you take your dog. Don’t forget to tell them if there are special necessities for your dog, like in case your dog need special treatment and so on. Then search the trustful dog care which have the certification and received good reviews from people.