Animal Care Jobs Should Know Five of Freedom

Animal lovers as the main actor of animal care jobs must understand Animal Welfare and Five of Freedom as a basic necessity in treating pets. Five of Freedom is the implementation of the concept of animal welfare (animal welfare) that must be met by any animal lovers to provide the appropriate environmental conditions for pets.Animal welfare is an endeavor that arises from our concern as humans to provide an environment suitable for animals. The goal is to improve the quality of life of pets, especially those who are bound and confined.

The principle of animal welfare is actually applicable to all types of animals. Both animals live with humans such as farm animals, pet animals, animal experiments, animals for work, and animal performances. Even applies also to animals that live in the wild. The animal care jobs should be linked to the five freedom for animal. First is freedom from hunger and thirst, which can be done by giving animals meal in the right portion and good quality. The meal should fulfill all nutrients needed by that animal. Second is freedom from thermal and physical discomfort, which means that all animal lovers and animal care should provide the living place similar to the native habitat of that animal.

Next freedom which animal care jobs should pay attention is freedom from injury, disease and pain. It means that if you have a sick animal, should have bring it directly to the vet or treat it by yourself. Treat your animal like your own family who sick. Then, animal should also have freedom to express most normal pattern of behavior, which means that you shouldn’t force it to do action which they dislike and only for your own amusement. Last is freedom from fear and distress. This condition commonly happen because animal treated badly, so that animal care should prevent from making discomfort to the animal.

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