Animal Cruelty Prevention In Surrounding Areas

Violence that occurs in abandoned animals in the country, seems to be increasing the number of victims, whereas in every country actually the law on animal cruelty prevention has been clearly explained. In the rules stating that those who commit violence in animals such as stabbings, strangulation, and even the disposal of animals can be imprisoned a maximum of 12 years. For the purposes of animal welfare, measures related to arrest and handling; placement and appraisal; maintenance and maintenance; transportation; cuts and murders; as well as fair treatment and protection of animals. While what is meant by the natural treatment of animals is to avoid all actions that lead to abuse and abuse.

Indeed, sometimes the annoying cat behavior, ranging from taking food on the table, biting our favorite items, or make the house as the vessel broke when we were out of the house for a while. Not to mention, some of us who fear or dislike of cats and dogs will usually immediately expel the animal. However, as the part of animal cruelty prevention, it does not mean that when we teach or warn them by using violence such as hitting with tools, kicking the animal’s body up causing pain or causing defects in one part of the animal’s body, or letting them starve or chill from staying outdoors.

The next reason people violate animals is because of the compulsion of the people near them, for example a child is challenged to kick a cat in order to join a group or when a person is depressed but does not know where to go, he chooses animals nearby as objects to vent their emotions. If we look directly at the event or people who deliberately hurt animals on a mere fad, the first animal cruelty prevention step that can be done is to go to the offender and then rebuke it subtly to remind them that the activity they are doing is wrong and inappropriate.

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