Consider It BeforeLeaving Dog Holiday Care

The dog holiday care is the pet care specialized for dog, which available for dog owner to leave the dog to there. So if you have a dog and want to have enjoy your holiday by traveling somewhere and couldn’t bring your dog, it is better to leave it in the dog care, rather than leave it in the home, alone and starving. The dog care will take care all the needs of your dog, from preparing the meal and keeping the cleanliness of your dog. As the owner, you can order to give the dog meal twice or thrice a day. You can also request the dog care to bath your dog once a week, if you leave quite long time. However, know that there are some aspects you need to know before leaving your dog in the dog care.


First is since the dog holiday care accepting the dog during holiday, there might be many dog owner who left and entrusted their pet in the dog care. Therefore, it is better to book the space or your dog, even before a month before your holiday coming. You can contact them by phone and pay for the down payment, so that the dog care and leave a space for you dog. If you just contact them one day before your holiday, most of dog care might likely full, because there are also many people who want to use the service. Then, you should also notice the cost during holiday, because some of dog care charged more during the holiday season.

Next tips, as the dog holiday care to bath your dog in the day you take your dog. Don’t forget to tell them if there are special necessities for your dog, like in case your dog need special treatment and so on. Then search the trustful dog care which have the certification and received good reviews from people.

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