Do the Steps of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Cruelty towards animals still existed everywhere. There are many examples, like leaving the dog home while the owner enjoy holiday, without providing it sufficient meals. Sometimes the animals training in the circus also often forced the animals to behave well, and if they couldn’t do it, the trainer would punish them with hit. It shouldn’t be done, since animal also have their right to live in free. People who have pets should have provided the adequate food to them. Each human also have the responsibility to keep the rights of the animal and do the prevention of cruelty to animals.

In order to constitute the prevention of cruelty to animals, there are some thing you should have known. There are some animal shelter which provided the home for animals, as well as protecting their rights. Then, in case you saw your neighbor or people who treated their pet or animals badly, then report it quickly to the animal shelter. Make sure you bring the evidence, which can be like picture. Then, the animal shelter will proceed and contact the concerned and remind them. In case the concerned doesn’t agree with the warning, animal shelter will report the case to the police and proceed to the law. In addition to animal shelter, there are also many animal lovers community who would like to protect the rights of the animals too.

In case you know the person who treated their animal badly, the first prevention of cruelty to animals to do is remind them. Talk to them lightly and ask them why they did the certain way (like hitting their dog, for example). Give them the education that animal should be left in free and don’t be bothered. Let them know how if he as a human is treated badly by other people, of course he wouldn’t like it to happen. Therefore, as the pet owner, we can have the animal we wanted, but should also let them free in their rights.

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