How To Keep Your Puppy From Biting People

Puppies, those who come to this world must be curious how everything on earth works, let alone around it. They learn to recognize objects around them by inserting objects into their mouths, including human legs and hands. For that we need to teach him that human skin is so sensitive that they will be very soft with our skin. Then, how to keep your puppy from biting?

Bite inhibition leads to the ability of the dog to gain control of the power of his mouth. Puppies or adult dogs that have not recognized the sensitivity of human skin will bite the human skin too hard, even while playing. Then, how to keep your puppy from biting? Puppies usually learn bite inhibition while playing with other puppies. If you see dogs, you will see many activities such as chase, pounce, and even wrestle. Puppies usually also bite each other. Sooner or later these puppies will bite his playmates too hard. If puppies can learn to control the power of their mouths from other dogs, they can also learn from humans as well.

How to keep your puppy from biting?When you play with your puppy, let him put your hand in his mouth. Continue the game until he bites very hard, when he does it, give a high pitched moan like very pain and pull your hand. This will surprise your pup and stop biting you, at least for a while. Give your pup a compliment when he stops or licks you. Continue your activities before, when she bit hard again, yell again. Repeat this activity no more than three times in fifteen minutes. If yelling does not seem to work, try the other way to ask for a break like a basketball referee, Time-Out. When your pup is biting you hard, yell, pull your hand and leave it for 10 to 20 seconds. But if he still invites you to play in that time bracket you can stand and stay indifferent for 10 to 20 seconds. After that you can go back to your pup and invite him to play again. It’s important to teach that the soft game will continue, but the rough game will stop.

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