How To Know If Your Allergic to Dogs Fur

Many people say if he is allergic to dog hair so can’t keep a dog at home when the desire to keep the dog is very large. Allergies to dog hair can cause itching of the skin, shortness of breath, coughing or sneezing.Actually, the dog’s fur does not cause allergies in humans but according to research, allergies are caused by protein substances that stick to dog hair. The protein substance comes from the oil produced by dog ​​skin or dog saliva. Dog saliva attaches to the hair because the dog licks their body to clean. Then, how to know if your allergic to dogs?

Perhaps the doctors concluded that dogs are the cause of allergies in humans so that humans who suffer from allergies on dog hair are convicted not to keep dogs. Logic alone, if true dog hair causes allergies then people who suffer from allergic on dog hair will be very miserable because many people around who keep dogs.Determining whether you suffer from allergies can’t use estimates using mere eyes or feelings but should be clinically tested to prove the cause of allergies. You can perform allergy tests in hospitals that have allergy testing facilities. That’s how to know if your allergic to dogs.

In addition to know how to know if your allergic to dogs, there are things you should do. Set a dog-free area of your home. The area is an area where you can be in the long term like a bedroom or family room. Areas such as bedrooms or sofas that are usually made of fabric where dog hairs can be attached easily.Clean your house using a vacuum cleaner so that the dog’s sticky hairs can be inhaled and assembled in one place. Do not pat your pillow or sofa because the dog’s feathers will fly and move elsewhere. Do not use a broom to sweep the floor because the feathers on the floor will also be easy to fly.

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