Keeping The Dog Health Tips You Should Know

Healthy dog is the thing wanted for all the dog owner. In order to achieve this dream, you should know the best way to treat your pet well, and know the dog health tips. Just like humans, pets should also be equipped with adequate nutritional intake. Nutrition is referred to here such as minerals, iron, carbo, fat and protein. Although dogs including carnivorous animals, but it would be nice if occasionally these mammals are given nutrients from vegetables or fruits that mixed into the food to simply meet the nutritional needs of the dog. Sufficient nutritional fulfillment will also strengthen the immune body of the dog which will eventually make the dog avoid infectious diseases.

In addition to the fulfillment of nutritional aspects of food, external factors for dog health tips such as environment and habitat also need your attention. Often dirty kennels can trigger the occurrence of diseases caused by bacteria or viruses that arise from the feces of animals that have not been cleaned for a long time. In addition to taking care of your dog’s health, you also need to take care of the cage as well. Clean the cage at least once a week. But if your dog sleeps in the house, as much as possible teach your dog to keep clean, show how to urinate, large water and so forth. If you are patient teach it, it is not impossible if the nature of your dog will be as smart as human beings.

In addition to tips on caring for dog health tips above, it is very important for you to pay attention to cleanliness and health of the fur. As we know that dog breeds are very diverse, especially for dogs with thick and long fur, you can take your dog to a dog salon once a month to treat, organize and maintain the health of her hair. But if the dog species you have is only thick but short or even hairy thin and short, it would be better if the hair care done by the owner at home

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