Know This Before Hunting For Best Dog Food

Many of us feel confused when trying to choose the best dog food.Some owners make mistakes when choosing food for their pets.You need to identify some elements and match them to the different dog food brands available.Good dog food is able to meet most of the nutritional needs of dogs. But the best brand is capable of covering all aspects.In essence, a good dog food should be able to meet the nutrients your pet needs.In addition to nutritional adequacy, the best dog food does not use artificial preservatives.Artificial preservatives such as BHT and BHA affect the taste of food.It is best to choose dog food with ascorbate or safer tocopherol for dogs.

The best dog foodshould be adjusted to the age of the dog. There are several classifications of dog life stage as follows: puppy (puppy), adult, and senior dog (old).Each stage requires different types of food because the nutritional needs they need are also different. Food for puppy should have the ideal protein and fat ratio needed to help puppies grow faster and healthier.Dogs are considered to enter the adult group when aged between 1 to 6 years.As the dog get older, their protein and fat needs will increase. Dry dog ​​food is often considered to be sufficient for dogs at this age. Dry dog ​​food is especially helpful at this stage. Needs of protein and fat less than adult dogs. However, senior dogs need more fiber to maintain their fitness.

Watching best dog food is very important. Always choose foods that have at least two sources of meat. Next, you should look for the carbohydrate source. Grains are considered a good source of carbohydrates.Some people think the grains will cause problems in dog digestion.In fact, grains are still needed except in dogs that have sensitive digestion.If this is the case, then avoid choosing dog foods that contain grain.In addition, natural dog food usually has mineral content and probiotics.However, the price of natural foods can be much more expensive than dry food.

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