Animal Abuse Laws: Respecting Animal’s Right

animal abuse laws

The development of the world today demands the application of animal welfare principles in almost every field, such as food production, agriculture, trade, transportation, wildlife conservation, disease handling, acrobatics, circus, and so forth. Indeed, animal welfare is a complex social issue with many sides, be it science, economics, religion, and culture. However, according to the animal abuse laws in many countries, animals can be the property of a person or not the property of any person.

In the modern era, animals are treated as legal subjects, although animals can’t sue or defend themselves. Man dominates other beings and the natural world with his mind, so that the law of animals is defended by humans.The animal abuse laws needs to be done to reduce and even eliminate the common practice of animal persecution around us. The legal approach must inevitably accompany the cultural approach so that the essence of beauty and harmony of cultural events is not tainted with violent practices in animals.The call to stop animal persecution practices by restoring the cultural arena to its more natural form without torture should be consistently echoed. Not only for cultural actors, but also cultural connoisseurs so that both are reminded each other to keep what is served and what is watched.

Animal persecution is not only considered to violate moral ethics, but also violates positive law. If animal persecution persists and there is no legal action at all, then it is just as well as allowing cultural breakthroughs that legalize animal torture. Like the example is bull fight in some countries. According to the culture that practice was a part of culture, however, seeing from another point, it can also be the violence practice towards animal. Therefore, the animal abuse laws are needed in order to limit the action and practice of the fight among animals without giving harm to them.