The Function of Animal Rescue Shelters

Human have what is known as the human rights, so do the animal have their own rights. They have rights to live in free and doesn’t limited. As many people petting many kinds of animal, there are some irresponsible animal adopters do as they wish toward their pet, without thinking about the pet condition and will. Like in example, placing the cat and dog in the cage for long time, without giving the sufficient meal stocks. For that, the adopter have made the pet uncomfortable and live in suffer. In order to prevent that action more, there are community which widely known as animal rescue shelters. Their task is rescuing the animal which is badly treated by their owner.

Some people known that animal rescue shelters are the community which rescue the animals which are abandoned in the street by their previous owner. It is true that it is a part of their work, but they also work more in the field of giving the better life for the animals. As mostly known, they saved animals like cats and dogs left in the street, since they have abandoned by their owner. The rescue shelters will look at the animal condition, and if it had some scars or ill, then the rescue shelter will treat it until they regain their healthy. Afterward, they will inform people who want to adopt these animals which have been in good condition. They usually apply the requirements, which the adopter should have taking care of the animal well and be responsible toward it.

Another task of animal rescue shelters is helping the community giving back the right of the animal. In case there are some reports about certain animal adopter which irresponsible toward their pets, and even make it suffered, then the rescue shelter will help to proceed that person in law. They help community to give the animal rights back. Therefore, people who knew about the action of cruelty towards animal, should have report it to the rescue shelter.

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