The Relations Between Pets and Mental Health of the Owner

Certain animals, especially dogs, have long been used as animal services to help people with physical disabilities and are specially trained to offer emergency assistance. Currently, the ability of certain animals is used to help people who suffer from certain mental states, so it gets solid support. So there are some relevance between pets and mental health. There is increasing evidence that pets can improve mental health, and not only provide assistance to people with physical disabilities. Hospitals around the world are turning to an improved animal therapy program to help patients cope with various psychological problems including depression, anxiety and more.

First pets and mental health is dog. Some smaller breeds, such as Scottish Terrier and Maltese Dogs, are often used in hospitals to entertain patients undergoing challenging treatment regimens, such as children with cancer. Dogs are also sent as an animal therapy for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and are often seen walking with a human partner.Ideal dogs are used to appease depressed people and they are naturally accepting and very loyal. They have a special ability to make you feel special and great in improving your self-esteem.

Cats are great for people and related between pets and mental health. This may include religious or allergic requirements for dogs. Cats are a bit more aloof than dogs but they are a bit easier to treat because they do not need to be taken on long journeys. Cats are ideal pets for parents because they tend to be more than dogs. Another animal which is good for human mental health is bunny. A study in 2010 found that subjects who were given rabbits to hold them less anxious than subjects who were given toys or turtles. These people are exposed to stressful situations with the tarantula spider, and the rabbit parent group is the best in keeping their cool.

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